WoW !!! 10 richest celebrity with their mansion

Posted by arda86 On 2 - 17 - 2009

richest celeb with their mansion, may become your inspiration or motivation to be rich :)

will smiths mansion

cool japanese boarding house

Posted by arda86 On 2 - 18 - 2009

cool, simple and minimalis boarding house design. only in Japan...

japanese boarding house

Obama Caught up Speaking Indonesian

Posted by Arda86 On 2 - 18 - 2009

Terima kasih. Apa kabar ?

Obama Caught up Speaking Indonesian

Posted by arda86 On 12:31 AM
Yes, the 44th and the current president of the united states Barack Hussein Obama speak in bahasa Indonesia language while he attend to the United States s.department. He said that he want to visit his old neighbour on Jakarta.

after his greeting, he chat with the united states diplomat. and then, Charles Silver the ex-United States counselor on Jakarta accosting president Obama in bahasa Indonesia language "Selamat siang, Bapak."

and then President Obama said "Terima kasih. Apa kabar ?".
Silver : "Baik-baik."

and Silver told that he went to Indonesia many times. and then President Obama told if he visit Indonesia, he want to visit his old neighborhoods at Bilangan Menteng, Jakarta Pusat.

and here is the video...


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  1. noneayu Said,

    tu mister charles pinter juga ya, dia Pake Bahasa Indonesia spy bisa cari perhatian dan ngobrol sebentar sm Obama..kapan lagi jadi headline news iya nggak :D good job sir


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