WoW !!! 10 richest celebrity with their mansion

Posted by arda86 On 2 - 17 - 2009

richest celeb with their mansion, may become your inspiration or motivation to be rich :)

will smiths mansion

cool japanese boarding house

Posted by arda86 On 2 - 18 - 2009

cool, simple and minimalis boarding house design. only in Japan...

japanese boarding house

Obama Caught up Speaking Indonesian

Posted by Arda86 On 2 - 18 - 2009

Terima kasih. Apa kabar ?

"Extremely Wonderful" Tourism Object

Posted by arda86 On 7:21 AM
Are you bored with your sluggish holiday? wanna something more challenging? take a look at several tourism objects below!

indoor beach - japan

grand canyon skywalk

tennis match - Dubai

Theme park - Las Vegas

Mountain Climbing

Extremely dangerous - bicycling

How? Wanna try?

but please dont ask to me back

2 Response to ""Extremely Wonderful" Tourism Object"

  1. Chic Said,

    beeeuh hiyaaah kemaren sodara sayah yang di Jepang pamer-pamer weekend ke kolam renang ituuuh...

    sayah iriiiiiii


  2. heheheheee nice post kawan mohon dukung saya di Contest isnaini blogspottemplate thanks yach sebelumnya happy blogging yach :D


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